Tangram GAUDIView

https://img.shields.io/github/release/insilichem/gaudiview.svg https://img.shields.io/github/issues/insilichem/gaudiview.svg

Lighweight visualization of results coming from docking, conformational search or multiobjective optimization


  • Explore GaudiMM and GOLD results in the same GUI
  • Lightweight and fast, it will lazy-load the molecules upon request
  • Builtin commandline will perform any Chimera command upon row change (use the mouse or the keyboard arrows to move)
  • Basic clustering functionality
  • Use Ctrl and Shift to create multiple selections
  • Double-click to apply special modifications, depending on the job type
    • If the GOLD job used rotamers, these will be applied on double-click
  • Quit the dialog with OK to preserve the currently selected solutions on the Chimera canvas.




  • libtangram, tkintertable, pyyaml
conda install -c insilichem/label/dev  -c insilichem tangram_bondorder